United States Private Investigators Organization


U.S. Private Investigators Organization

USPIO is for

private investigators,

those who need private investigators,

and those who want to be private investigators

USPIO Purpose


Council Members

USPIO Provides

Priceless Lessons from Experts in PI

Laws for PI

About P.I.

What do private investigators actually do? Why hiring private investigators?

and more…

Wisdom from P.I.

Articles written by professional PI

Learn from expert PI

Wisdom from experience-based knowledge

in the Memobook

Notice ↗

Community events, Council member meetings, Create Tools & equipment, Promo & Educational trainings

Law ↗

Civil and criminal laws, rules, and regulations. Commercial litigation, International trade, family and personal disputes

Wisdom ↗

Articles written by professional PI. Learn from expert PI. Wisdom from experience-based knowledge

Global Network

USPIO serves the international community. Our council members are in all different countries. We provide PI training and educate on PI law in different languages through our council members

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